Viewing CAD Files

A good portion of my work involves some aspect of cad modeling either in the 3d or 2d realm. Take 3d printing for example; We use .stl files from our cad package (Sketchup, Fusion 360, FreeCad, ect.) that we slice and “print” to create real life objects.

I wanted a way to share what I am working on. Without placing the burden on you, my reader to install a cad package in order to view the files I will be using in upcoming tutorials and reviews. This also has the benefit of saving bandwidth! No need for you to download the files when you are searching for another model.

Below you will find what I hope will become a staple here at 509maker. Embedded 3d cad files that you are able to manipulate to your liking; zoom in, rotate, give the design a good look.

[canvasio3D width=”985″ height=”490″ border=”5″ borderCol=”#f0f0f0″ backCol=”#f0f0f0″ mouse=”on” objPath=”” objScale=”.55″ objColor=”#647387″ lightSet=”5″ ] [/canvasio3D]