New Site Is Up And Running !

Hello and welcome to my new site ! 509Maker will be the new home for my projects, designs, reviews and products to come. I have chosen to go with a clean and simple layout.

This is a new change for me; In the past I have relied on content and many posts and even more pages. The last website was up to a few hundred pages and GB’s in data not counting the blog. In the end what started as a means for me to share became difficult to navigate and even more so to update.

You will now be able to find all products I sale listed right here on the shop page. This will be growing! Give it time as I add more products. All my projects and blog posts will be presented on the blog page and divided into category’s to allow the reader to find exactly what they are looking for.

Along with a cleaner layout. I have Incorporated some aspects from around the web we have all come to use. You can share any product or post on all the major social medias ! You will also have the ability to “like” a post or product and leave feedback and reviews. If you have purchased from me in the past feel free to go leave a review or send me feedback.

Things to come? Why yes many I hope! As you can tell from a quick glance at my web site. I am in the planning stages to setup a new Youtube channel that will be more focused and project based then my personal youtube channel. If you are a subscriber on my original youtube channel you will find the new one to your liking. I have a lot to learn but plan to provide a more professional approach to my videos going forward.

Reviews? I would like to, yes. If you are a company or have a product and you want a blog post / youtube video review. Please get in touch! I am open to most products that are in line with the DIY and Making / Maker community. Let us see what we can do together!

Affiliate links and adds: From time to time you will see me post a product or affiliate link. ( amazon, ebay , other ) within a post or even on my shop page. Please know using these link’s cost you nothing extra and only goes to help support my web page and the projects I am able to share with you. I will not post products I have not used or reviewed myself!

I hope you all have a fantastic day! I look forward to sharing my projects with you going forward.