GRBL Board With Fritzing

One of my first board designs also happens to be one of only a hand full I designed in Fritzing.

I first found this piece of software on Hackaday. In the comments section of a post I was reading. After reading the users review on ease of use and simplicity I decided to give it a go. You can grab Fritzing yourself Here.

One of the boards I designed in Fritzing was my original grbl g540 interface board. Version 1-3 all in fact have been designed in Fritzing. This was before my transition to Kicad the software I use now for current designs!

I was able to layout the Arduino Nano and the required components to make my circuit without a hitch. It really was a lot like working with a bread board. In that regard the software felt very familiar before I even began.

Once I had the circuit I needed it was a quick job under the pcb tab to lay out my board. I do wish I had more control over traces and general board size and shape.

You can export gerber files directly from within Fritzing for a easy transition to your favorite pcb fab house. Mine of course has been OSHPark.

I am happy to provided this board when requested ( Use the contact page to send me a email ). However now that my focus is on my new Gecko G540 USB controller I would also encourage you to order the pcb and make your own ! It makes for a simple project and a quick fun build.

To get started you can find all the fritzing source files over on my Github page and below you will find links to everything needed.

GRBL G540 Interface Board: Github Page

OSHPark Boards: PCB boards

IDC26 2.54mm: 2×13 Header

2Pin 2.54mm: Screw Terminals

2.54mm Female: Row Headers

Arduino Nano: Nano Board

Connectors: Screw Terminals

Capacitors: 0.1Uf Capacitors

Happy building ! Feel free to share your builds with me via the comment section below. I am always happy to see what you guys are building.